Monday, July 16, 2012


Yes, I did this. this is unlike me? no... I have drawn worse before.. I used to like drawing something gross, weird looking images. Distorted, sometimes gory too. 
I was inspired by this album I got the other day.
heavy good and it has awesome album art work, and I was like, 
"hey, I forgot I used to draw like this long time ago..! man, I enjoyed drawing them.."
so yes. I drew some eyeballs and teeth. 

and guess what!?

I used my left hand!!
I think it turned out alright.
it was easier than still life, because I could just make stuff up. it was all about control.
My left hand got tired when I started to ink them with a brush, so I will continue and finish tomorrow or something.

here's closer look.

I agree.. it looks much better when it's far away...
but hey, I tried!!

man I LOVE drawing teeth and eyeballs..
they are so much fun!!


  1. Those teeths looks amazing to me! And thats a really clean line for left hand

  2. This is....left hand?? ink it with...left hand??? left hand?? left hand?

    1. Yes it is..;D I mean, it gets easier controlling after while so you should try!!

    2. Wow.. you ink it with left hand too? wow.. hahaha