Monday, July 30, 2012


Late late update.. I was not home few times last week, and I was busy going out and hang..
what a bad bad reason for me to not doing this..! but I will be catching up hopefully.

so, this drawing is what happened today. my summer roomie (one with the short hair sitting down) and I were on our way to REI by taking red line train, and I saw these two guy's reflections on the window. and they were SO SERIOUS just gazing their own reflections. and they were still like, a statue. and they looked EXACTLY alike as if they were twins. the only difference was the hair style but they were wearing same shirts and same pants. and they were still like a rock in a same position.
my roommate and I were laughing so hard as we got out of the train, because from out side of the train they looked so funny.

and we were talking about how my sister and I should wear same thing and stay still from end of the stop to the other stop. no sitting down. indifferent expression on our faces in stuff.

It was worth it.. they made my day..

but yeah more coming. sorry for late update. gosh darn it...!

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