Tuesday, July 31, 2012


it is bad quality of photo...
I did my left hand drawing of Pete,Kate and Asians..and Evelin lol
my left hand portraits are not that bad I hope.
This is how much I miss Italy. 
I miss it;_;!!! can't wait all of us to get together 

after I inked them

notice Asians have darker hair? lol


  1. Really good job for a left hand, Kye! I can recognize who's who.

  2. KYEEEEEEEEIEEEEE!! Tell me! Tell me you just forgot to post your sketches on the blog but you are still drawing everyday!!!!!!

    1. Shelly, ahhhh I know I've been drawing here and there for sure, but moving and our parent's visiting and final paper writing just detach me from doing this.. but I will be get back doing it soon because I finally got settled. sorry I know I'm so bad;_; I want to hear everthing about the oxbow tho..!!