Monday, July 15, 2013


It has been a while since the posted my last post.. almost over three months ago..
I was busy.  Many things happened after I graduated from SAIC.. 

I moved into new place in south loop. It's a really nice loft place owned by my formal professor, and my roommate and I have built the walls to have private space. Moving in and settling down was done in the middle of June. We were exhausted for sure.  What a labor we had to go through..! But it was worth it..  

our place before the walls..

Pete helped us alot..

Dan also helped us.

building frames, 

and putting dry walls up...

trust me,
few photos make it seem like it was piece of cake to build the wall,
but this almost took three full days.. 
and it was problems after problems and troubles after troubles..

but like I said, 
it was worth it..
having your own private room...was very special for me.

Then I got the "part time job" through one of my acquaintance to this one restaurant, and it turns out they wanted me to work there for 80+ hours in two weeks.  That first two weeks flew by. and it was July already.  I was exhausted and not motivated.  I did not like how my first summer after graduating from college was not spent for art making  And I realized more and more that this is not the way I would spend time to earn money for my art supplies. 
I started thinking more about myself and what I really want to do for my future so I don't have to go through with this same situation ever agin.

One of the most important thing I realize was coming back to blogging.  Now that I'm not in school anymore, I realize the best way to keep my work or life updated is through online.  So here I am. I'm coming back to blogging just so I feel connected to the world other than that home-work pattern.

Also, now that I do have some time for my own personal stuff, I'm finally getting to start drawing the "Turtleman comic strips". I have multiple episodes or stories I've always wanted to draw, but something always has been bring me down from doing it.  Yes it is an excuse.. but this time, I will be really planning out the whole layouts and the story to make something going with my Turtleman. hopefully it will be updating two episodes per week.  

the Image up there is my writings/sketches of some episodes on guest checks.  I did it when I was at work so I don't forget the potential good ideas. 

In addition, I started exploring with this new tool called "alchemy" and started to practice sketching with it.  Every session I had was very quick. and good thing about digital painting is that you don't have to waste more than a half hours to set up your tools.  
This tool was extremely great discover for me because people use this tool to get inspiration from random shapes.   Most of my recent paintings were about finding/recognizing familiar shapes for figures in abstractive forms, so I could have great connection to this tool.

and I will be also doing many portraits of others..or of me. There are many that I started but never finished and there are many that I want to start.  I just enjoy doing portraits, I want to keep doing it just for the sake of getting good at it at capturing their characters and personality

so yes, there is my updates..
I don't know if I will be doing any of these that I have mentioned here for my rest of the summer or not,
I will try my best to keep blogging about my artworks and beyond.


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