Saturday, November 3, 2012


 I am posting some old photos from Summer internship in memorial of our Zoetrope. Our 8ft tall Zoetrope with the puppets were supposed to be displayed at the Boneshaker Halloween Party at the Redmoontheater. However, according to the owner of the theater, the Zoetrope was caught on fire and all of our puppets we built were all destroyed.  Wheather it is true or not, we all learned a lot and had a great time together from that internship. It was a huge disappointment when we get to the party and seing empty Zoetrope, but good times at the Zoetrope internship and our puppets stays with us as a great memories for sure. 

Zoetrope in progress video.

Boneshaker Halloween party on October 27th

Matt...wandering about what could have happened to our Puppets..


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    1. It's their loss. Plus we have great time in the summer!